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Our Philosophy

The Power of Customized Strategies & Education

Over the years, we’ve witnessed a shift in the industry. Rather than focusing on a client’s personal needs, it seems that many advisors are concerned with making sales or fitting clients into a model portfolio. However, no two people are the same and we believe their financial strategies should reflect their unique situations and individual goals. At Founding Capital, LLC, we formed our firm with the desire to help individuals and families develop personalized financial strategies that can grow with them throughout the many milestones of life.

As an independent firm, we offer personalized service and develop strategies based on a client’s individual needs and goals. We have access to a wide range of investment strategies and products, as well as up-to-date research, resources, and tools. In everything we do, we are dedicated to serving our clients first, last, and always.

Beyond helping clients create a customized strategy, education is critical for instilling confidence. We understand the general public’s view of the financial services industry, as we have personally experienced the confusion and hesitancy of finding an advisor who cares. Rather than focus on sales, our goal is to serve as an advocate for clients, helping them navigate the complexities of the markets and understand the reasoning behind our recommendations.

For all of our clients, we offer educational workshops and webinars that cover a wide array of topics. We host these seminars throughout the year, based on clients’ needs. By educating them on their opportunities, we seek to empower them to make well-informed decisions and take an active role in their financial strategies.