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Our Clients

At Founding Capital, LLC, we work with a wide array of clients, from young families to seasoned business owners. With more than a decade of experience working closely with so many clients with diverse needs, we understand the preeminent concerns various people face:

Individuals & Families

Whether you are just starting to accumulate wealth or have built a nest egg, many of the individuals and families we work with have concerns regarding their financial future. With so much conflicting advice and tips on the news and online, they have trouble identifying what applies to their specific circumstances and needs. By working closely with them and serving as a long-term partner, we strive to offer clarity regarding their financial situation so they can understand how to pursue their goals. From retirement planning to investment management, we offer a wide array of financial planning services designed to cohesively work together.

Planning for Individuals & Families

Families with Special Needs Children

Caring for a child with special needs requires specialized planning in nearly all aspects of life: physically, emotionally, and financially. Often, families are so focused on their child’s emotional and developmental needs that they forgo planning for their own financial future - an entirely separate challenge. We assist families with dependent children of all ages and in all stages of planning. We seek to help families identify opportunities and strategies that are appropriate for their situation and aligned with their goals. Offering objective advice with personal care, our goal is to serve as a trusted resource on which clients can rely.

Planning for Special Needs


Executives face unique financial challenges, particularly when it comes to retirement planning. Often, they have the opportunity to take advantage of powerful employee benefits, from a 401(k) to stock options to executive perks. However, not only do executives need to determine how to best select their options and maximize contributions, but they also need to integrate these benefits into their family’s financial planning. We can help executives evaluate their many employee benefits options and ensure they align with their family’s financial needs.

Planning for Executives

Business Owners

Business owners often face a number of decisions every day regarding their business, employees, and family. As a result, they may not have the time to proactively implement and manage a 401(k) plan, offer a competitive employee benefits and executive compensation package, or address their personal financial needs, such as exit planning. Our goal is to serve as a business owner’s go-to financial partner, offering strategies that support both their business and personal goals.

Planning for Business Owners