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Our Approach

Many individuals, families, and business owners have various micro-managers that assist with financial decision making. This could be someone as personal as a family member, or it could be various professionals, including CPAs, attorneys, insurance agents, and investment managers. Each of these micro-managers are specialists in their specific area of specialty.

Without a team leader organizing all of your strategies and plans, you are left to handle the responsibility of tying all of your financial decisions together. This micro-advisor approach can prove problematic, especially if you don’t have the time or expertise in each area to evaluate the performance of those micromanagers.

Micro Advisor

At Founding Capital, LLC, our goal is to serve as your team leader for your financial well-being, sing a disciplined macro-advisor approach.

Macro Advisor

Through this approach, we work with your other professionals and specialists, coordinating all strategies. In doing so, we believe we can help you better understand how your strategies and products interact with one another, and relieve you of some of the many responsibilities and decisions you face.